The TrustLens project has teamed up with a new project AirAberdeen to support the people of Tillydrone in finding out about air quality in the area.

AirAberdeen is a community-led project to use internet of things sensors to get more information about air quality. It is supported by the Aberdeen hackerspace 57North and came together as a formal project after a Code the City event which included building kits and also work on what might be done with the data.

Members of the TrustLens team had already been following with interest the discussions about how low-cost sensors might be used to get a clearer and more detailed of air quality, based on similar deployments in places such as Germany. We also recalled that air quality is a topic that has been raised by the community in Tillydrone, and so we decided to help link these up. TrustLens sponsored 10 air sensor kits, and on 9th March a build workshop was held so that people who wanted to take part could come and build their own kit, and learn how to put it up and connect it to the data gathering network.

The event was well attended, with 7 kits built during the day, and lots of fun was had as well as learning! We’re looking forward to seeing how this kind of data can be used to benefit the area, and hope that AirAberdeen makes good strides towards its goal of having 100 sensors up in Aberdeenshire by the end of 2019.


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