The TrustLens Project has involved collaboration and partnership with various groups and communities to explore the issues of empowerment, transparency and accountability that are central to the concept of trust in the Internet of Things.
We can see that there is no one fit for all for all user groups. Indeed, different users are keen to have different tools with which to work though the key considerations of deployment.
Our community groups preferred a more tactile approach to the tool development and were keen to see our Card Set prototype developed into a working tool that we then went on to develop. However other groups thought that a digital tool would be more useful.

IoT Trust Cards – A governance tool kit for IoT deployment
The card set groups questions by category in a way that lets CardSetCropthe user to progress through the questions in order. These cards are designed for use specifically to consider the viewpoint of those who might have their data collected by these technologies. By going through this process, you can discover what information is available about the deployment, have the answers handy in one place, discover areas where you might not know the answers right now, and consider where you might need to seek additional information.

DigitalTool CropIoT TrustLens Digital Tool

We have also developed a digital tool which also has the ability to present some questions to those creating or assessing deployments, to help them in this process. It can be used by a variety of types of organisation, and different representatives within these organisations. By using this tool, potential problems can be identified. If this is done during the development process, issues that might not otherwise have been considered may be anticipated and avoided.

This is the end of the funded work but we will continue to conclude and disseminate the research.



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